Friday, December 18, 2009

What Is Your Cervical Position And Mucus Like Just Before Your Period Cervix Changes And When They Take Place?

Cervix Changes and when they take place? - what is your cervical position and mucus like just before your period

I went to an ultrasound and found out that I was pregnant. The last time I bled 9-11 July. The doctor told me I would have expected that in a short period. So today, I would have 15 days cycle. Ive been tracking my position and cervical mucus ... and within five days or if the mucus elasticity of moving fluid, more than a clearish well. In damp down there, but my cervix is still soft, high ... but not very high at any time of ovulation. I wondered when the cervix hard again before it reaches your time?

Only serious answers. :)


patricia... said...

I followed her story from previous posts ... Sorry, she is not pregnant ...

I have my cervix through my cycle of feeling examine the changes to ... I know we're all from different, but to ovulation can hardly feel my fingers around my neck ... and shortly after my time ... It is easily felt and downs.

Change a few months ago, last month, my neck, as you described started (high, but not the highest) for up to three days before my tenure ... and every day a little deeper and firmer.

Are they checked the cervix at the same time every day in the same situation? How long are your cycles? For me in my neck CD 15 is not sign up and ...

Hope this helps and good luck to you

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