Monday, December 7, 2009

Edu Science 600-power Reflector I Got A Edu Science Reflector Telescope 600 Power?

I got a edu science reflector telescope 600 power? - edu science 600-power reflector

Why is the image upside down, you can change?


Larry454 said...

Fernando --

I have the impression that you are the wrong size. What you wanted was probably an area that are good for astronomy, and viewing during the day. What we have is an area that is not good for everyone. I have a few observations:

1. 600 Energy makes no sense. This simply means that the telescope is cheap, and for children who do not understand that the extension is not important in amateur astronomy. I rarely use more than 200 energy, and I have a very good view. Of course, my size is a little better than yours, but the performance has nothing to do with it.

2. The image areas are still astronomical vice versa. It should be. You can go back by a prism assembly, flip but added more glass to the optical axis and generally saw the picture. Amateur astronomers are not always the case with astronomical targets.

3. Not a good idea to buy a box for astronomical and terrestrial. They are completely different instruments and do not complement each other. If you want to do this, you mustBinoculars.

Now that you own this domain, without knowing what we recommend the following:

1. Use only the eye of the lower power you have.
2. If you come with a Barlow, abuse.
3. Use it on the moon and planets checked.
4. Discover the sky and an astronomy club, a few sessions observed, so that you know what to buy next time.

Good luck.

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