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Respiratory Air Volumes What Medical Purposes Could Be Served By Measuring Respiratory Volumes?

What medical purposes could be served by measuring respiratory volumes? - respiratory air volumes

Also ....
Normally, if a healthy person is a fan who was paralyzed in a car accident connected if it is sent venitlator maximize the volume of air inhaled and expired?


Rachel said...

I do not quite understand, but I'll try to answer them.

There are many diseases that you need to measure volumes and example of this is that smoking causes diseases, COPD is generally retain carbon dioxide, because they do not breathe properly. They have a method to measure the decline, which would take care of a person.

As a fan, there are many different types. What is your question about the paralyzed person, depending on the level of the spinal cord causes paralysis, I suppose. For example, a person with a spinal cord injury near the front most likely on a ventilator for the rest of their lives, the phrenic nerve (controls the diaphragm, which is responsible for breathing, if it can not breathe person damaged their own) . If it is below what would be only temporary. So everything must be taken into account to see what I should do.

I hope this helped

Oh, and not all by controlling fan, I know there are C-PAP and Bi-arene breasts't technically fans, but the biggest difference between them ..

Matt A said...

) The main reason for the measurement of respiratory volumes (tidal volume is to ensure that they are not under or over ventilation of the ventilator.

Normal tidal volume 5-7 is ml of air per kg of body weight. As a fan, which is usually 6-10 ml of air per kg body weight. Hyper extension of the lung is good to prevent pneumonia. Pneumonia is a major risk if someone is still there for most of the day for several days at a stretch.

The risk of pneumonia is also more time on a ventilator. This makes some in the back and a fan at twice the risk of pneumonia.

This is a discussion in general.

Good luck with your family or friends.

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