Saturday, December 12, 2009

Closing An Ozark Trail Knife Has Anyone Hiked All Or Sections Of The Ozark Trail In Missouri?

Has anyone hiked all or sections of the Ozark Trail in Missouri? - closing an ozark trail knife

If so, what areas would you recommend for a hiking day?
It should be camping / tent or closing the main points
Cities and motels, etc.


K2012 said...

There are many sections that are large enough (I did not, but what I have is large). For the best information, visit There are all kinds of great information., Y is a forum where many people are very experienced OT. Here you will find everything you need to know and much more.

Sorry, but no spirit, "Carroll" of intervention. The Katy Trail and Ozark Trail are completely different. If you want to find the truth, hiking and trekking, perhaps the Old Testament. Katy Trail is a flat in Nice, which is not true, "off track".

NIF is w/HER Fickle 1 said...

Berryman section is seamlessly passed, Taum Sauk Mountain, Johnson closed the section and the Blair Creek section. The Taum Sauk Section is closed (in this section closed due to rupture of a dam in Sauk taum shed 2 billion gallons of water and damaged roads) hotels and motels, shelters or BB are not the road nearby. Ozark Trail View website for current and more information ..

Carroll said...

A good day trip on the Katy Trail Rochporte. You can sleep in the west arrow Rock State Park. Arrow Rock has a theater, you can see a show while you're there. Enjoy
Happy Caving Carroll

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