Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Backup Exec Tape Is It Me, Or Is Backup Software Dead?

Is it me, or is backup software dead? - backup exec tape

If you work in a small business or work in a business, it is likely that their data on a tape with Backup Exec or similar program is based, is both complete and incremental and differential backups in the background for this 7pm to him continue to allow their data, despite the low performance.

However, in a home office, it seems that there is no such thing as backup software, there is no such thing as incremental or differential backups, so you can keep using drag and drop files onto a flash drive and all Installation CDs by the hand.

Is it me or is it a crazy check? Should there not a professional alternative to that? Or should I accept the fact that Windows Explorer and a secure hold on the installation CD is the only thing that home users or office users at home will always be a "solution for disaster recovery? Or .. and it's a weird thought ... is just that nobody SUPPORT ALWAYS ALWAYS equipment?


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