Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dark Circles Eyes More Condition_symptoms How Can I Remove Those Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

How can I remove those dark circles under my eyes? - dark circles eyes more condition_symptoms

I had such dark circles under the eyes, to feel more like you are a little loose. I want to know just a good cream for dark circles or special treatment. If you please answer this question and to reduce the bags under the eyes that really appreciate the people. Thank you!


t fit said...

You can use a yellow concealer,
But I struggle with dark circles, so before you go to bed, I have a thick layer of humidifier (any kind) or rings in the morning and there are not nearly as bad.

wxgddss said...

There are a number of creams that work well. The first is quite expensive ($ 25) and is called by Tarte Mellow Yellow. It is yellow and is applied when, the darkness, when they plotted to counter with a light hand, as a proofreader. The 2nd is a cream called Loreal Visible Lift Yellow also.

The key is the color yellow. My mother for years, and I have used, if they work shifts during the night. It is very good and makes you younger and fresher!

Ellie Marieee :) said...

Clinique Eye Repair Cream, I and so are my sister and saw the results in two months =]

aguthrie... said...

I have heard that green tea bags are warm and humid Hemren cream (which I would use), and a good night's sleep. Use a good anti-dark circles with a yellow tint, a cover for now. Hope this helps.

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