Friday, February 12, 2010

Root Canal Problems Roo Infected Can I Have Problems With A Root Canal If The Dentist Got The Roots But A File Broke Off In The Canal ?

Can i have problems with a root canal if the dentist got the roots but a file broke off in the canal ? - root canal problems roo infected

Today I had a root canal and the dentist broke a file into the canal. I said I was 2 Person who Nuesto I could not say whether there is a problem or had not succeeded. I said, somebody else was good. It hurts very bad, if it still hurts, then we need to do something and not say why. I was the first time that the cause of the tooth has been reduced, so that a hole on top of the tooth, the day told me I needed a root canal. So for two weeks I was on penicillin pills and painkillers. Then in the last week he has tryed root canal could not find and reach the canal to the roots. Finally, the canal today and broke a file found trying to make the channel further. He also had to remove my tooth, does not result in the teeth, becausemore. What I can do what he did, he did the right thing to do, what I ask. I can not even say why or when to increase, but no "I then asked for channel .. What should I do?


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