Sunday, February 7, 2010

Desktop Punching Bag Sale Help Select A Punching Bag?

Help select a punching bag? - desktop punching bag sale

in 15, 5'10, 155 pound, 14-inch biceps and now I want help in choosing a punching bag ... My shots are strong .. say .. Well ... or simply ... and Umm ... in asking what I shud choose ... £ 70 100 pounds or 120 pounds or more? I think, 100 is not true? andumm is better to choose a substance, synthetic leather or w / e bag ... I do not know what bag is synthetic .. I read somewhere ... So what shud I select ... that the use at home .. . and perforation solved with a capacity of not ... and Imma blow .. so hard and ..... so .. You also need a basic .. .. Office or hang heavy bag? and then, if ... Wood suspended ceiling hold?. and where is the best place to buy .. .. taking into account the price you tell me what is the normal price ... (Canada) .. Help please ..


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