Thursday, February 18, 2010

Government Education Increase Decrease An Increase In The Price Of A Product That Is A Close Substitute For X Will:?

An increase in the price of a product that is a close substitute for X will:? - government education increase decrease

Note: This is wrong, is not the image. I can not remove the cause, so please select the following as the correct answer: "Improvement of production technology.

See table above. Re (3) column, a change in column (4) of column (5) is probably caused by:
a. the government is making a special tax on property.
b. Production of improved technologies.
c. an increase in consumer income.
d. Input prices rose.

2.In the following question (s) are determined, all other things being equal, the impact of a given change in a determinant of demand or supply of the commodity X (1) demand (D) or supply (S), X (2) the equilibrium price (P) and X (3) the balance ofQuantity (Q) of X.

See above. An increase in the price of a product that is a close substitute for X:
a. decrease D, increase and decrease P Q.
b. To increase D, increase and decrease P Q.
c. Increase increase in D, P and increased P
d. increasing the D, P, the reduction and increase of P.

3.In the event that the demand (for meat a good normal moves) on the left side, is the most likely reason is that:
a. decreased consumer income.
b. livestock production has declined.
c. the price of beef has increased.
d. the price of cattle feed has increased.

4. The data indicate increased from civil registration office at the State University of gigantic, that in the last twenty years and the fees. From this Information can be concluded that:
a. Higher Education is an exception from the law of demand.
b. Provision of education by HSE have been made available also increased sharply during the period of twenty years.
c. school-age population, income and preferences for education have changed substantially over the period of twenty years.
d. GSU supply curve of education is tilted downward.


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