Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Flatbed Color Scanner 11x17 What Is The Best Flatbed Scanner To Use To Scan The Back Of Sewing Patterns For Displaying On Website Or EBay?

What is the best flatbed scanner to use to scan the back of sewing patterns for displaying on website or eBay? - best flatbed color scanner 11x17

Each sewing patterns sellers out there!? :-)

I would recommend a scanner less than $ 200, but actually closer, or preferably at least about $ 100, if possible.

I have at the back of the pattern I'm posting on my site to scan for sale. Enter If I have a pretty clear idea of the back of the building, I do not want to know all the information out!

My current scanner, Lexmark X2350 is too muddy and grainy for the fine print that they are clear enough to fit without really the picture, and read only what is enormous. I need this process go a little faster and smoother and the end result not only looks professional. I've seen ads sewing pattern is very clear, very small (compared to me) images, which are quite readable.

Think .... in very small print, black and white with some color sometimes.

Thank you very much!


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