Monday, January 4, 2010

Landlord Breach Of Lease Must I Give A Notice To Break My Lease If My Landlord Has Breached It In Several Ways?

Must I give a notice to break my lease if my landlord has breached it in several ways? - landlord breach of lease

My landlord has asked me 30 days to leave February 28, 2007, following a complaint I filed with the central office complex on the request for maintenance is not done, but said that he was incapable of proof under noise. I told the owner that my contract requires an adequate period of 60 days, completed the contract by both parties. I have also requested evidence of all letters you sent me sound disorders. He drew 1 card, I received 18 months in the complex. Can give She told me that I have a number of days they want. She presented dispossessory still on day 5 in response to my letter of 60 days in the lease. We went to court on 28 March and the judge said it violated the treaty, and they gave me 60 and not move to 30 days. Because they violated the lease, and I see no improvement occurs, I must give a notice to vacate if the landlord failed the contract?


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